ZTA Education Consultants

We are ZTA Education Consultants (Australia) Pty. Ltd, an established company with a team of Education advisers providing assistance & advice for education in Australia weather its diploma, degree or PHD.

In the field of education, we provide students with quality and helpful consultations with updated information as to their future in Australia.

We operate from our head office in Melbourne, Australia. We have been in this profession of Education Consultants for the past 2 years and have the privilege of recruiting for more than 300 students to Australian colleges and universities.

Based on ZTA personal and professional experiences we will give you:
• Advice and help with placement in an educational institution
• Checks to ensure you have the correct documents in place
• Lodging information for short term or long term stay
• Local area information and basic advise
• Information on living in the Australia
• Professional services, tutoring, mentoring and assignment help

If you have an education or training need which we haven’t specifically mentioned, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us with questions or requests.

Do you need help with your lodging process?

Checks to ensure you have the correct documents in place and provide complete guidance for short term or long term stay.

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Do you need help with admission and your application?

A level, Foundation courses, Pre-masters courses, Undergraduate, Graduate, English courses, Processional courses, Part time courses, Full time courses, Online degrees, and GCSE.

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Why ZTA Education Consultants?

-Fast Processing
-Same Day Admission/COE
-Guidance and help throughout the process
-Student assessment and recommendation

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