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To study in Australia, students are required to have student visa subclass 500. You must have completed 12 year of studies and IELTS and along with other educational and identification documents. With this Visa international student can undertake vocational education, bachelors, Masters, PHD and doctoral studies. Australia offers numerous courses from your field of interest.


A student visa subclass 500 can enrol himself in a full-time course at a renowned Australian institute.
Australia is known for providing the profound educational practices and its education is worldwide recognised

The Visa also entitles you to reside in Australia till your degree completion.

On your student visa you can leave and enter Australia as many times as you can

When classes are in session, you are often only allowed to work 40 hours a fortnight (14
days) if you are taking a bachelor’s, vocational, or English course. Students typically
have unrestricted work rights when classes are not in session.

Please Check Working in Australia ( for detailed information

student can add secondary applicant to their application. It can be Spouse, child or de facto partner. You can add them when you lodged your application or after visa grant.

On the student visa, your spouse or partner would also have the same working rights as you.

Choose the course with indication to complete it in the given time periods because applying for too many extensions will weaken your intentions to study as a genuine temporary entrant.

How to Study in Australia

We’ve outlined a process for you to follow.

Moving onto a
Graduate Work Visa

485 Graduate Visa

When you have completed a recognised qualification that is at least 2-years of time period from an Australian education provider within the last 6-months, you may be eligible for a 485 Graduate Visa, which allows you to stay in Australia for up to 18-months. Please note to be eligible for the graduate visa you must study the right course.

There are two different types of Graduate Visas:

  • The Graduate Work Stream, which is for those who have recently completed a programme that prepares them for employment on the MLTSSL;
  • The Post-Study Work Stream, which is intended for recent Bachelor, Masters, or Doctorate Level course graduates.

482 Employer Sponsored

Most of the Australian companies use Employer Sponsored Temporary Skilled Shortage (TSS) visa to sponsor employees in Australia. It is quite common for working holiday makers or students to move to a 482 Employer Sponsored visa. Some examples of our past clients moving from a working holiday or student visa to an employer sponsored visa include Paolo and Tom:

To be eligible for this visa you must:

    • Have received a job offer from a company.
    • The job has to be included on the Short-Term Skilled Occupation List.
    • The job must pay at least $53900 per year approved business sponsor.
    • Additionally, your employer must agree to “sponsor” your visa and qualify as a business sponsor.


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