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Graduate Visa

The Graduate Visa (485) allows recent university graduates and certain vocational graduates the chance to remain in Australia and work after their studies have finished.

485 Graduate Visa

When you have completed a recognised qualification that is at least 2-years of time period from an Australian education provider within the last 6-months, you may be eligible for a 485 Graduate Visa, which allows you to stay in Australia for up to 18-months. Please note to be eligible for the graduate visa you must study the right course.

There are two different types of Graduate Visas:

  • The Graduate Work Stream, which is for those who have recently completed a programme that prepares them for employment on the MLTSSL;
  • The Post-Study Work Stream, which is intended for recent Bachelor, Masters, or Doctorate Level course graduates.

482 Employer Sponsored

Most of the Australian companies use Employer Sponsored Temporary Skilled Shortage (TSS) visa to sponsor employees in Australia. It is quite common for working holiday makers or students to move to a 482 Employer Sponsored visa. Some examples of our past clients moving from a working holiday or student visa to an employer sponsored visa include Paolo and Tom:

To be eligible for this visa you must:

    • Have received a job offer from a company.
    • The job has to be included on the Short-Term Skilled Occupation List.
    • The job must pay at least $53900 per year approved business sponsor.
    • Additionally, your employer must agree to “sponsor” your visa and qualify as a business sponsor.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find an answer to your question below, feel free to get in touch with one of our agents, they will be more than happy to share their wisdom.

You will not be eligible for the PSWS Graduate visa. However you may be eligible for a different visa to remain in Australia. It may be a good idea to contact one of our Registered Migration Agents to find out your options.

If you studied a course related to a position that is on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (such as a Bachelor of Nursing, or Bachelor of Engineering) or studied the appropriate course at a vocational level – (such as a Cert III in Carpentry or a Cert III in Marine Craft Construction), you may be eligible for this visa. If you studied a course that is not related to the MLTSSL (such as a Bachelor of Business or a Bachelor of Arts), you will not be eligible.

As long as you meet the 2-year study requirement, it does not matter if there was a break in your studies. Keep in mind you will need to meet other requirements for the visa. So you can have a break in between your studies as long as you studied a related course within 6 months of applying for the visa.

Some Examples:


  1. A student who was granted her visa to study a Bachelor of Marketing on September 1st 2011, to study a course that begins on January 2012, WILL NOT be eligible for the PSWS Graduate Visa.
  2. A student who was granted a visa in December 2010 to study her first course (Bachelor of Business) and then applied to study her second course in September 2013 (Masters of Business) WILL NOT be eligible for the PSWS Graduate Visa.

Yes, courses can be packaged together, provided the courses are at the appropriate qualification level and the courses are closely related to the nominated occupation. Acceptable examples provided by immigration are:


  • An applicant who nominates Automotive Electrician as their skilled occupation who has completed a Certificate III in Automotive (Electrical) and a Certificate IV in Automotive Technology in Australia.
  • An applicant who nominates Air-conditioning and Mechanical Services Plumber as their skilled occupation who has completed a Certificate III in Plumbing and a Diploma of Plumbing and Services in Australia.

Yes, members of the family unit can be included on the visa. This includes your Spouse/De facto partner and children.

Your partner will have full working rights on the graduate visa.


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